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Who are the Divinartists Guiding You to the Future?


"Divinartist" refers to specialists who pave the way to your future through a method that blends "divination," "art," and "AI" in the new era created by AI.

In the past, divination relied on ancient wisdom and intuition. But now, AI plays a role in deciphering people's destinies.

However, even in a society greatly influenced by AI, the role of divination to fill the gaps in people's hearts remains unchanged. Divinartists have emerged as entities that evolve this role.

By merging the intuition of a diviner and the vast knowledge of AI, they guide you to the future through the medium of art.

*Divinartist is a word coined by combining "Diviner" (fortune teller) and "Artist". This was conceived by AI.

Awakened Divinartist, led by light in a dream.


I am a man who has reached his early old age. In my youth, I was reckless, frequently getting into trouble with the police. After a long relationship with the woman I loved, we broke up due to my own faults. My life spiraled out of control, I fell into gambling, and I was on the brink of ending my life. However, every time I thought my life was over, some kind of help always came and I was able to escape the difficulties.

By receiving unconditional love from a woman I met anew, I gradually rebuilt my life. Throughout this life, I began to notice that an invisible force was working on me, helping me in life, but I didn't have a firm belief in it.

One night, in my dream, I became aware of myself heading towards death. Strangely, there was no fear or pain, just a sense of calm acceptance that I was going to die. Then, a large white light appeared and I found myself diving into it. The moment I did, I woke up with an image of AI, fortune-telling, and art converging in my mind.


Based on this image, I decided to create something that would combine AI, fortune-telling, and art, which I named DestinyArt. When it was finally complete, I had a woman who had suddenly lost her mother and was feeling despair try it out, hoping it would lift her spirits even a little.

However, the results were surprisingly good, so I decided to launch this DestinyArt website. The woman told me happily that since she started using DestinyArt as her smartphone wallpaper, a glimmer of hope for life had sprouted, and she was able to take a step towards a new life. I believe that DestinyArt can help many people's hearts.

− Just $5 −

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