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DestinyArt transforms your smartphone into a lucky charm, leading you to fortune.


The Canvas of Oracles Drawing the Future,
A Fusion of Divination and Art.

DestinyArt is a revolutionary fusion of divination and art, made possible by the era of AI. Our advanced AI interprets your destiny and creates a unique piece of art based on those results. This is not simply art, but a lucky charm that guides you towards good fortune. It's a new form of divination born from the interplay of our creativity and the power of AI.


Boost Your Luck with DestinyArt as Your Wallpaper.

Set your phone's wallpaper with DestinyArt, uniquely designed to guide your destiny towards good fortune. Given how often you look at your smartphone screen daily, why not empower it with the ability to enhance your luck?

Here's an example of what DestinyArt could look like...

− Just $5 −

Your Destiny, Your Art
DestinyArt carries your fate towards good fortune.

Experience DestinyArt, a revolutionary service born from the era of AI. Our AI interprets your unique destiny and transforms it into a one-of-a-kind piece of art. This is your personalized lucky charm, guiding you towards prosperity and good fortune. Embrace the future and let DestinyArt carry your fate towards good fortune.

How to Start with DestinyArt

①When you click the "Apply for DestinyArt" button, a form will open for you to fill in the following details:  ・Email address  ・Desired period for divination  ・Date of birth (Gregorian calendar)  ・Blood type  ・Any image you feel at the time of writing (nature, plants, animals, music genres, etc.). This helps us create a more personalized DestinyArt.  ・Your name is not required but it would enable a more accurate divination.  ・Providing the time and place of birth would also enhance the accuracy of the divination. ②We will perform the latest AI divination based on the data you provide. ③Our Divinartist (a diviner + artist) will review the divination result and create a DestinyArt reflecting it. (Please note that it takes a day to create.) ④We will send your personalized divination result and DestinyArt to the email address you provided. ⑤Please check the divination result that you receive. ⑥Please use DestinyArt in a place as close to you as possible, like your smartphone's wallpaper. It will protect you and enhance your luck for the specified period.

DestinyArt provides a unique piece of original art that is exclusively yours, with no identical pieces in existence. We strictly manage the information in the production process and implement privacy protection, offering you a full guarantee.

Thank you for choosing DestinyArt. We will send you the artwork in a PNG file format. The delivery will be made either on the day before the specified fortune-telling period or as soon as it is completed. May you have fortunate days ahead with DestinyArt.

− Just $5 −

− Just $10 −

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